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Arrow Express Couriers are well versed in providing confidential tender deliveries. We know that discretion is essential when carrying items such as blind tenders. We will always deliver your documents with complete confidentiality.

We’re well aware that many hours of work go into the preparation of a tender, and usually have to be delivered to a deadline. Frequently, this work can often lead on through the early hours of the final night before submission – which is why you should choose Arrow Express Couriers as your delivery partner, we are open and on call 24/7 365 days a year! Our couriers can be booked to collect from you at any hour, can wait if necessary for completion, and will deliver to a timed deadline. We ensure that your completed business documentations, tenders and proposals reach the intended destination on time ensuring you meet your deadlines.

Having been established in the transport sector for over 23 years, commonly delivering blind tenders, we understand the necessity of maintaining anonymity of the sender as many government and local authorities require ‘No Originator ID’ on the documentation. Our “confidential tender” proof of delivery notes give no indication as to the originator the only information on POD at time of delivery will be the name of recipient, delivery address, description of the item(s) and the date and time delivered.

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