Class 8 Dangerous Goods – Corrosive

Dangerous Goods which are classed as Corrosives are substances which by chemical action degrade or disintegrate other materials upon contact.


There are no subdivisions within Class 8, Corrosive.

Reason For Regulation

Corrosive materials cause severe damage when in contact with living tissue or, in the case of leakage, damage or destroy surrounding materials.

Commonly Transported Corrosives

  1. Acids/acid solutions
  2. Batteries
  3. Battery fluid
  4. Fuel cell cartridges
  5. Dyes
  6. Fire extinguisher charges
  7. Formaldehyde
  8. Flux
  9. Paints
  10. Alkylphenols
  11. Amines
  12. Polyamines
  13. Sulphides
  14. Polysulphides
  15. Chlorides
  16. Chlorosilanes
  17. Bromine
  18. Cyclohexylamine
  19. Phenol / carbolic acid
  20. Hydrofluoric acid
  21. Hydrochloric acid
  22. Sulfuric acid
  23. Nitric acid
  24. Sludge acid
  25. Hydrogen fluoride
  26. Iodine
  27. Morpholine

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