Another successful urgent timed delivery south of Paris!

When Aerospace call, Arrow come running!

When one of aerospace industries biggest engineering companies need an urgent timed delivery just south of Paris, they call only one company – ARROW COURIER SERVICES!

Following just one quick phone call one of our dedicated team of drivers was on his way to collect aircraft parts urgently required in Paris whilst the operations team set about arranging passage on the channel tunnel and arranging accommodation for our weary driver once delivery had been made.

After driving through the night the timed delivery was achieved with a full 45 minutes to spare. Our customer could have incurred a number of  fines had this high value, highly important consignment not arrived within the allotted time period.

Once again our control staff’s commitment to customer service and our fantastic team of drivers proved Arrow Courier Services are number one when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Well done to everyone involved in this highly important delivery! Your dedication to duty is highly appreciated!

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img src="Arrow-Couriers-Small-Van-Beautiful-Sunset-on-way-to-France.jpg" alt="Arrow Couriers on way to an urgent delivery in Paris"

img src="Arrow-Courier-Small-Van-in-Paris-Car-Park.jpg" alt="Arrow Couriers parked up in Paris"

img src="Arrow-Couriers-Small-Van-Outside-Shops-in-Paris.jpg" alt="Arrow Couriers parked up in Paris"

img src="Arrow-Couriers-Small-Van-Outside-Shops-in-Paris-2.jpg" alt="Arrow Couriers parked outside shops in Paris"