Competitors standard next day service:

Most carriers’ next day delivery service usually involves your consignment being picked up at a time to suit the carrier and delivered to a local hub. Your consignment will then be trans-shipped to another vehicle and trunked overnight to the closest hub to the delivery point. It would then be loaded onto a multi drop vehicle to reach it’s end destination.

That is a minimum of trans-shipping from vehicle to vehicle 3 times. This greatly increases the chances of your consignment being damaged or lost in transit.

Also with other carriers final delivery vehicles being multi drop vehicles packed to the roof with other consignments, the possibility for damage is further increased. The possibility of your consignment being delivered late in the day or even the day after becomes more prevalent.

Arrow Express Couriers standard next day service:

Arrow Express Couriers next day delivery service is different from the norm. It is designed with flexibility and distance in mind. Your consignment is collected at a time to suit you. Delivery is made the following day, on the same vehicle that collected the consignment, at a time to suit you. Our dedicated vehicle is parked in a secure area at our head office overnight should it need to be, surrounded by a CCTV and alarm system that is monitored 24/7.

Arrow’s next day service also suits the far reaches of Europe due to the distances involved. Night shift drivers work through the night to ensure a timely delivery the next day. Arrow Express Couriers next day service is via a dedicated vehicle. Only your consignment is on board, it ensures your delivery arrives undamaged and on time every time. This gives both you and your customer piece of mind and one less thing to worry about.

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